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Finding the Magical Spot

At the beginning of the design process we go to the site and find where one would likely place a temporary picnic setting. Considering views, terrain, and breezes, there is usually a "natural" but exact location that is magical, and in which most humans would attract to without really thinking. This area usually becomes a furniture seating placement in the priority living space.

Design Unique to Each Site

Most often even with two lots right next door to each other, each lot will have unique requirements relative to driveway egress, view corridors, and privacy. We fully contemplate both future and existing building and landscape locations in laying out house and site design. We then design specifically for each site and the requirements for the client, applicable subdivision design guidelines, and the local governing ordinances.

Panama Hat Roof

In concert with walls and windows being "designed around" functional furniture and amenities is the ROOF DESIGN.
In the tropics, a Panama hat brim, or full surround roof overhang is fundamental to keeping the ambient temperatures in the "comfort zone." We track year around solar angles in order to maximize the cooling effects of shading.
The composition of building materials and their colors affect temperature control, and landscaping can also affect cooling via evaporative and shading affects.


Architecture is still fundamentally shelter; however, it should ideally also heighten the standard of living of the inhabitants at all times. Both seating areas and daily traffic patterns should be enhanced by artwork walls and niches, landscape gardens, and decor at every interior and exterior location.
So often the "owner's entrance" falls short of the aesthetic beauty of the main entrance. We believe that the owner's experience from the parked car to any destination should be beautiful.



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